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Vidis Pro: webcam surveillance


Vidis Pro

complete remote video surveillance with webcam

Duax Pro: modem alarm


Duax Pro

initiate and monitor your modem Internet connections

Vidis Lite: webcam surveillance


Vidis Lite

simplified remote video surveillance with webcam

Duax Lite: modem alarm


Duax Lite

simplified audible Internet connection alarm for modem

Lanic: network intercom



talk with other users in your LAN (voice communication)

Lama: network messaging 



send small text messages over LAN

M-Minder: events reminder



never again forget important events

Nisc: network speed monitor



monitor the speed of your network (and Internet) interfaces

Copy-it Lite: from scanner to photocopy


Copy-it Lite

use your scanner as a photocopier

yasPing: configurable Ping tool



configurable Ping utility with a graphical user interface

Colcod: decode resistors and capacitors



effortlessly decrypt color coded resistors and capacitors

Zoolou: versatile screen margnifier



versatile virtual magnifying gass and screen magnifier

RitmoView Free: Biorhythm plotting software


RitmoView Free

easy-to-use Biorhythm plotting software

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