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is a simple application which finds and displays both your Public (external) and Local (internal) IP addresses and monitors their changes.

The Public IP address (also called External IP, WAN IP or Gateway IP address) is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is used by your system and your browser across the entire Internet. The websites you visit when surfing the web all need to have access to this public IP address.
In most cases your ISP assigns you a "dynamic" public IP address which means that it changes from time to time.

The Local IP address (also called Internal IP or LAN IP address) is the IP address by which your computer is known in your local network (if you have one). In a default setup it is assigned by the router to which your computer is connected and it can change depending on what other devices are connected to your local network. Your Local IP address is only used inside your local network and is hidden from the outside world.

Installation and use

is portable software designed to run without being installed. Handy to store on a USB drive. Just unzip the archive to any location of your choice except "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files(x86)".

  • Click the  <Find IP> button to display your Public and Local IP addresses.
  • An edit box lets you enter the URL of an optional custom IP finding site. To
    be usable this site must display the IP address in plain text on an otherwise
    blank page.
  • Click the  <Copy to clipboard> button to store the IP adresses in the
  • Right click any empty space in the application window to bring up the
    following menu :
             - <Remote Host> : select one of 5 Remote Hosts that will get you your
               Public IP address (or enter a custom IP finding URL in the edit box).
             - <Settings> : select the interval between two successive IP checks
               (when [Monitor IP] is activated). The interval can not be less than 1
               minute nor more than 1440 minutes (= 1 day). Optionally select visual
               and/or audio notification when your local or public IP address changes.
             - <Open current Logfile> : opens the logfile for the current IP monitoring
             - <View older Logfiles> : lets you select and view an older logfile.


- any Windows version since Windows 2000.
- Network and/or Internet connection.

Download LanWanMon


is freeware for non commercial use. 

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