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Emdem Technologies brings you software you can rely on. A variety of applications and tools for remote surveillance with webcam, for dial-up modem connections, for text or voice communication in a local area network or over the Internet, or for use at home on a single computer. Most programs are freeware.
Our software and Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later


Vidis Pro: webcam surveillance


Vidis Pro : Complete remote video surveillance application with motion detection option, email notifications and local and remote storing of movement detection images, using a PC and a webcam, digital  camera or camcorder connected through a video capture card or an USB port ...  (more)




Vidis Lite: webcam surveillance


Vidis Lite : Basic remote video surveillance application using a PC and a webcam, digital camera or camcorder connected through a video capture card or an USB port ...  (more)




Duax Pro: modem alarm


Duax Pro : Monitor your modem Internet connections.
A configurable set of audible and visual alarms for Internet connections with dial-up modem, with lots of info about the connection, logging and a speed monitor...  




Duax Lite: modem alarm


Duax Lite : Basic audible alarm for Internet connections with dial-up modem ...  (more)




Lanic: network intercom


Lanic : Voice communication in LAN.
A tool for voice communication between computers connected to a Local Area Network, comparable to a classic intercom ...




yasPing: Ping tool


yasPing : Diagnose and resolve network problems.
Ping utility with a graphical user interface and completely configurable ping parameters. Pinging can be continuously repeated after a user selectable time interval ...  (more)




Nisc: network speed monitor


Nisc : Check your connection speed.
Speed monitor for data traffic over network interfaces (network card or modem) ...




Lama: network messaging


Lama : Send messages between computers in LAN.
Simple application to exchange short instant mail messages between computers on a local area network ... 




RitmoView Free: Biorhythm calculator


RitmoView Free : Calculate and chart your biorhythms.
Versatile and easy-to-use Biorhythm plotting software with a user friendly interface and an option to print the generated graphs and report ...   (more)




Zoolou: Screen magnifier


Zoolou : Screen magnifier.
Versatile virtual magnifying glass that magnifies the screen area around the current position of the mouse pointer with multi monitor support ... 




M-Minder: events reminder


M-Minder : Never again forget important events.
Reminds you of important events at computer startup and, later, periodically at selected intervals, Visual and configurable audible alarms ...




Colcod: decode resistors and capacitors


Colcod : Decrypt color coded resistors and capacitors.
Quick and easy way to decrypt color coded resistors and capacitors or to find the colors and the nearest standard value of a given resistor ...  




Copy-it Lite: from scanner to photocopy


Copy-it Lite : Use your scanner as a photocopier.
Transforms a PC with Scanner and Printer into a photocopy machine and makes the desired number of copies with just one mouse click ...




Allacs: group dial up connections


Allacs : Organize your dial-up accounts.
Groups all your existing dial-up networking connection definitions (DUN - modem Internet accounts) in a single easy to use launchpad ...





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